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Soulmates ....

As a child, I always felt I will find my soulmate and live a beautiful love story with this person as I would know him for ages, lifes ... and ... after few relatioships and time...I forgot this wish ... till I met this man 5 years ago.

It seamed so strange, but from the first look, I felt his energy. I was swimming in the water and he was 1 km away, I coud feel him observing me. When I left the beach, he followed me and my heart was going so fast in my chest that I tried to calm me down. I was not scared like if a stranger was falling me. So I turned back and faced him. Straight away, we knew and everything went so fast ... after 2 weeks we lived together ... no need to explain much, we knew how the other was and react ... even knew his smell ...

The connection is so strong that even during the day, I receive messages from him and same for him. I don't need a phone or internet connexion for us to find each other, we just know where we are. During our trip in Thailand, few times, we got lost and after 3 min, without any panick, we found each other as it is natural.

It is not always easy to have a relationship with our soulmate, as this person is here as well to push us on a spiritual path.

It is possible to meet few persons that you had a strong link, relation in the past.

What I experienced is that it's your own choice to live or not with this person, be aware that past life do not have strong influence, it's all about who the person is in this life FIRST.

I have met so many persons trying to rebuilt a relation with a person they betray or hurt in the past ...

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